WHats the difference between the womens and the vitality?

If you can take supplements with iron and iodine the Pink Bottle (Women’s Ultra) is a good choice, but if you can’t, the Green bottle (ThyVita Vitality) is a better option. If you’re not sure whether you can take iron containing supplements it’s most likely your doctor would have advised you on this, but if always ask your Dr. or Pharmacist for further guidance. Vitality does not contain iron, iodine, or folic acid. ThyVita Women’s does.

When and how many tablets do I take per day?

The recommended daily allowance is 3 tablets per day, to be taken 4 hours or more after thyroid medication.

Can I take ThyVita during LID or RAI?

We recommend discontinuing ThyVita® during your Low Iodine diet and RAI treatment as it contains iodine. After RAI it's always best to check with your doctor when the best time would be to resume your daily supplement.

How long before I feel a difference?

Most patients feel a noticeable difference during the first week, however in very rare circumstances it can take an entire month, and, in less than 1% of patients it took six weeks. The great thing about ThyVita® is that every day is better than the last!

I don't have a thyroid, can I still take ThyVita®?

Yes, in fact ThyVita® was created specifically for people with and without a thyroid. ThyVita® is safe and proven effective for men and women, in fact, patients who take ThyVita® report being able to return to a normal lifestyle after surgery and possible RAI.

Can I take ThyVita® if I have Hypo or Hyperthyroidism?

Yes, ThyVita® is a nutritonal supplement that will give you natural energy, boost immunity and help you sleep better. When taken as directed it will not interfere with your thyroid treatment. But as always consult your physician before adding a nutritional supplement to your diet.

Can I take this during pregnancy?

ThyVita® is safe for all women with or without thyroid disease. However, if you are pregnant or nursing, cannot take iron, folic acid or iodine, consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this product. ThyVita will be coming out with a pregnancy supplement in the Summer of 2018. For updates about this or any upcoming releases you may join our mailing using the contact us page. 


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