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ThyVita® - An Innovative Support in Thyroid Treatment

ThyVita® (thy-veetah) is an innovative support in thyroid treatment. A scientifically created, Patent Pending, advanced nutritional supplement for patients with thyroid disease and thyroidectomy that targets the root cause of thyroid symptoms. ThyVita provides a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals that help to improve energy,  brain fog and balance mood. And because our chelates are formulated to help your body absorb more nutrients than regular OTC supplements, you actually feel a difference in your energy levels and overall well-being. ThyVita is loaded with the nutrients your body needs to promote healthy thyroid function in patients with and without a thyroid. In fact, ThyVita has the most Vitamin D than any other over the counter multi-vitamin! 

Try it today and you too will Feel the difference!

Certified Free from GMO's, Gluten and Allergens like wheat, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts and tree nuts, plus, it's Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly! 

  • Patent Pending with Patented Ingredients
  • Clinically Tested
  • Patented ingredients help you absorb more nutrients, so you FEEL the difference!
  • Get natural energy, Improve Stamina, Focus, Boost Immunity, Sleep Better and Much More!
  Free USPS   Priority Shipping on 2 Bottles or more! All orders ship within 24 hours!       

Free USPS Priority Shipping on 2 Bottles or more! All orders ship within 24 hours!



You’ve Never Felt Results Like This.
— Rebecca Ireland

Quality Matters

We only use Pharmaceutical Grade Chelates backed by over 100 Patents and sound science from the leader in nutritional science. Pharmaceutical grade means it has met strict standards for processing and purity and is guaranteed to be what is says it is. You Don't Get these Results from Generic - Science backs it up and Customer Reviews Prove it!

M. Hernandez

I have never found anything to help me feel as good as I do!  I don't want to remember my life how it was before, it's amazing how I took something like energy for granted. Not anymore, I THANK YOU! MY KIDS THANK YOU FOR ME TAKING THEM TO THE PARK, THE DRIVE-IN AND FOR ME NOT NEEDING A NAP! I operate all day and I sleep good.

Thank you a Million Times!

C. Campos

My emotions were the most significant change, thank God. I was crying non-stop. I do have more energy now, I just feel better overall. Not like my old self, but definitely better!!

B. Kendall

I have been on ThyVita Women's vitamins for 5 days now and what a difference! I am so glad I found it. I am 100% happy with the results.

I felt like I was melting on the inside, but now I can get through work and come home and still have energy. If you haven't at least tried it, you are missing out!


A. Johnson

 I have not had any problems sleeping since being on ThyVita. Never knew a vitamin would become so important in my life. Just love it!

A. thomas

I am pre-diabetic despite using other supplements to lower my A1C. After taking ThyVita for two two months my A1C is now within normal range. The increased energy level is awesome, even with my TSH being high, I'm not experiencing hypo symptoms as severely as before.


N. Nobles

I started feeling a difference in a week! And now, I really notice when I don't take them, they literally pulled me out of a major funk!